Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

January 9, 2017

Chemistry 521 Monday, January 9

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  • Reviewed “Section 9.1 Introducing Organic Compounds” Why are there so many Organic Compounds?
  • Reviewed “Overview of Organic Chemistry” (Aliphatics, aromatics, alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, saturated hydrocrabons, unsaturated hydrocarbons, names of the first 10 straight-chained alkanes, general formula for the alkanes)
  • Reviewed “Drawing and Naming Alkanes” (IUPAC rules)
  • Corrected Sheet “Chemistry Alkanes”
  • Notes/Discussion “Back to Isomers”
  • Complete Sheet “H5/H6 Alkanes and Draw and name all possible isomers of C8H18”. Also available Practice Problems #5-7 and #8-11 (omit 10d) Pages 337-339.
  • Final Exams: 9:00-11:30 am
    • “D” Period Thursday, January 26
    • “B” Period  Friday, January 27
    • “C” Period Monday, January 30

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