Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

December 9, 2016

Chemistry 521 Friday, December 9

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  • Reviewed  Electronegativity and “Relative Strength of Intermolecular Forces”
  • Predict which substance in the pair would have a higher boiling point and explain why (you must explain ALL the forces present): SiH4 or HCl and CH3OH or CH3F
  • Correct  Questions #1-8 on Sheet “Section 7.1 Solutions and Their Concentrations” and Review “Factors that Affect the Rate of Dissolving”
  • Notes/Discussion “Factors that Affect the Rate of Dissolving and Solubility” continued.
  • Complete Questions #1,2,4,6,9,10,11,12 and 14 on Sheet “Questions”
  • Test on Wednesday, December 14.

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