Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

December 7, 2016

Chemistry 521 Wednesday, December 7

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  • Review bonding definitions (diagrams) and polarity of molecules
  • Reviewed¬†¬†Intermolecular vs Intramolecular Forces and impact on properties (boiling point/melting point)
  • Reviewed “Dispersion and dipole-dipole forces and impact on boiling point/melting point”
  • Predict which substance in the pair would have a higher boiling point and explain why (you must describe the forces present): CH4 vs C4H10, CF4 vs CH3Br
  • Corrected Sheets G26 and G30
  • Notes/Discussion “Hydrogen Bonding and impact on boiling/melting points”
  • Complete Sheets G31,G32,G33.

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