Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

November 22, 2016

Chemistry 521 Tuesday, November 22

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  • Assignment “Structural Diagrams: H2S, CF4, C2F6, NHBr2, CS2, C2H4, C2H3Br, CH2O, C3H8, NH2SH, CH3OH, BrF, Si2H2F2, C2Br4, Si2H2, H2O2, CH3NH2, Cl2, AsH2I, PH2OH”. (10 minutes was given for questions and clarifications and then students submitted their assignments)
  • Reviewed Covalent bonds (single, double and triple)
  • Notes/Discussion “VSPER theory – predicting and drawing the 3-dimensional shape of molecules”
  • Students predicted the shape, and drew the proper shape diagram, for each of the following molecules: H2S, CH4, C2Br4, PH3, Si2HF, OF2
  • Sheet G18 “Stereochemistry G1”
  • Test on Monday, November 28.

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