Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

November 16, 2016

Wednesday, November 16

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  • Reviewed expectations for Discussion and Conclusion sections of lab report (Stoichiometry – Limiting Reagents)
  • Lab “Stoichiometry-Limiting Reagents is due on Thursday, November 17.
  • Reviewed “Electrons in Atoms” (Why are electrons important? Quantum Mechanical Model, electron configurations, valence electron configurations, generalizations and the octet rule”.
  • Notes/Discussion “Occupancy of orbitals, lone pairs and bonding electrons, Lewis diagrams of atoms”
  • Completed, and corrected, Sheet G2 “Chemical Bonding Lewis Diagrams”
  • Sheet “Theory of Covalent Bonding”
  • Notes/Discussion “Ionic vs Covalent Bonding”
  • Sheet “Introduction to Structure and Properties (Review Questions)

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