Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

May 11, 2016

Chemistry 521/511

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  • Reviewed “Intermolecular Foces vs Intramolecular Forces” (Impact on Properties)
  • Reviewed “Dispersion, dipole-dipole and hydrogen bonding and impact on boiling point/melting point”
  • Corrected Sheets G30, G31, G32 and G33.
  • Predict which substance in the pair would have the higher boiling point and explain why in terms of the forces that are present: CH4 or C4H10, CF4 or CH3Br
  • Notes/Discussion “Relative Strengths of Intermolecular Forces”
  • Place the following substances in order from lowest boiling point to highest boiling point (and indicate why in terms of the forces that are present):┬áNaCl, Na, C3H8 , C2H5OH, SiO2, C2H3Cl.
  • Complete Questions #1-8 “Section 7.1 Solutions and Their Concentrations”

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