Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

February 22, 2016

Chemistry 521 Monday, February 22

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  • Reviewed “Predicting the Products of a Chemical Reaction” (SmartBoard Questions)
  • Reviewed “Predicting the state of a substance using the solubility table” (Questions on the board)
  • Corrected Sheet “Writing Balanced Equations”
  • Notes/Discussion “Lab Book/Lab Report Format”
  • Completed in class assignment “Chemical Equations/Reactions”
  • Test on Wednesday, February 24.

Chemistry 511 Monday, February 22

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  • Corrected Sheet “Writing Balanced Equations” and answered questions for test on¬†Wednesday, February 24.
  • Reviewed “Lab Book/Lab Report Format”
  • Returned in class assignment “Chemical Equations/Reactions”
  • Notes/Discussion “Lab Report : Chemical Reactions” ¬†– must be written up to the end of the procedure for Thursday, February 25.

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