Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

January 12, 2016

Chemistry 511 Tuesday, January 12

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  • Reviewed “Section 9.3 Questions/Concepts” (will be on the test on Wednesday)
  • Notes/Discussion “Crude Oil (petroleum) and the Refining Process” (crude oil, fractional distillation, gasoline, problems with gasoline, octane rating and knocking). These concepts will be on the test on Wednesday.
  • Corrected Sheet “Review Sheet – Hydrocarbons”
  • Test on Wednesday, January 13 (Hydrocarbons Chapter 9)
  • Notes/Discussion “Hydrocarbon Derivatives – Naming and drawing alcohols”
  • Draw and name 15 structural isomers of C7H15OH and write a note describing the physical properties of alcohols (see textbook)

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