Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

November 23, 2015

Chemistry 511 Monday, November 23

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  • Reviewed “Shape Diagrams (VSEPR theory)”
  • Completed, and passed in, “Shape Diagram Assignment” Draw the proper Lewis diagram, structural diagram, shape diagram, and indicate the shape around each central atom for each of the following: NH3, OBr2, Si2H2F2, Si2HBr, NH2SH, C2F4, PBr3, H2Se2, CH2O, CH3PCl2, C2HF, N2H3Cl, H2Te, C2H2F2, CS2, C2H6, C2H5OH, CSCl2, C3H4Cl2, CH3SH.
  • Review Sheet “Quantum Mechanical Model to the end of Shape Diagrams”
  • Introduced Lab “The Flame Test”
  • Test on Wednesday, November 25.

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