Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

November 13, 2015

Chemistry 511 Friday, November 13

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  • Reviewed “Electrons in Atoms” Why study electrons? Quantum Mechanical Model, Aufbau diagrams (rules).
  • Corrected the Aufbau diagrams for Arsenic and Strontium.
  • Reviewed the diagram which shows the order of filling of the sublevels in an Aufbau diagram, electron configurations, valence electrons, valence electron configurations and pattern for determining the valence electron configurations for group A elements.
  • Notes/Discussion “Generalizations (octet rule) and Occupancy of orbitals (lone pairs, bonding electrons)”
  • Discussed Lewis Diagrams of Atoms and completed Sheet G2
  • Complete Sheet “Introduction to Structure and Properties (Review Questions)”
  • Discussed Theory of Covalent Bonding (Sheet G3)  (Definitions of Ionic and Covalent Bonding)

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