Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

May 29, 2015

Friday, May 29

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  • Reviewed Organic Chemistry (IUPAC rules for naming)
  • Corrected Questions #1-6 on Sheet H5/H6 “Organic Chemistry Alkanes”
  • Completed, and corrected, Sheet H5/H6 “Organic Chemistry Alkanes”
  • Draw and name all possible isomers of C8H18 and complete Practice Problems #5 and 6 pages 336-337 and #8-11 (omit 10d) pages 338-339.
  • Notes/Discussion Alkenes and Alkynes (handout and rules for naming – page 345) General formulas and examples.
  • Complete Sheets H15/H27 and  “Akanes, Alkenes, Alkynes”

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