Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

October 7, 2014

Tuesday, October 7

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  • Reviewed mole to mass and mass to mole conversions, percentage composition, empirical formula, molecular formula, law of definite proportions, determining the empirical formula of a compound and determining the molecular formula of a compound
  • Corrected  Problems #1-5 and Questions #1-5 (includes Practice Problems #38, #39 omit number of molecules, #40, #42a page 73 and #1,2 and 4 Section Review page 74)  Standard Temperature and Pressure and the Molar Volume of a Gas (Section 2.4)
  • Notes/Discussion (examples) “Calculations Involving Avgadro’s Number”
  • Completed Problems from SmartBoard
  • Complete Sheets “Using Avogadro’s Number – Practice Problems” and “Chemistry 521 Assignment (Avogadro’s Number)”  – this will not be graded as an assignment.
  • Test on Thursday, October 16 (Chapters 2 and 3)

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