Ms. Hudson Chemistry 521

May 10, 2013

Chemistry 521 Friday, May 10

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  • Reviewed bonds vs molecules, EN, atomic radius vs EN, types of covalent bonds, bond classification system and polarity of molecules.
  • Corrected Questions #1-9 “Problems to Try”
  • Complete, and pass in, “Polarity Assignment”. Draw the proper shape diagram (show bond dipoles and partially positive and partially negative) and state if the molecule is polar or nonpolar: H2O, O2, H2S, CH4, CH3F, OBr2, PF3, CH2O, CH3OH, N2, C2H2, Si2H6, C2H4, C2H3F, C2H3Cl, CO2, NCl2F, HF
  • Notes/Discussion “Intermolecular Forces” Handout “Chemistry 11 Physical Properties as Related to Structure” (Dispersion and dipole-dipole forces)
  • Complete Sheets G26 and G30

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